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Gentlemans pocket wedge

The quintessential trouser apparel, for the disciple of Chivalry, this nifty little item imbues style, panache and swagger, it has saved the day on many an occasion by protecting a fine lady form the perils of courtship slippage and spillage, ensuring her drapery remains pristine.

These fine Instruments are hand crafted from hardwoods planted in the midst of industrial revolution and have witnessed the rise of technology and the fall of heraldic qualities.
This is your chance to redress the balance.......take hold of the Wedge, astound your girl... or boy, with deftness of touch and the panicle of politeness.


It will always remain at your Service.........................

Gentleman's Wedge come in a draw string cotton bag £10 including UK P&P

Please e mail enquiries for overseas purchase

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