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Our Story

Colin Wilson and Sarah Wilson are Wilson and Benn, our creative working partnership started in 2010

Colin a mature student graduated from Northumbria University as a 3 Dimensional Designer working in Furniture and Fine products. His previous life skills as a Time Served Steel fabricator saw him travel to far-flung places plying his trade.

Sarah graduated from De Montfort University as a Fashion and Textiles designer. Again no stranger to traveling the world and gaining valued friendships and an understanding of people and products.

As a duo we explore life through design, craft, product, film, sound and people. Our personal stories evidence a mixture of industrial and academic practice.  

We are curious individuals and we play. Play in modern society is a fundamental part of exploring new things in new ways to provide new solutions. To deny play is to deny our selves these opportunities

It is through inquisitiveness and play that we offer a collection of artefacts that are hand made and hand crafted. Our products are carefully designed with thought to their purpose and end user. Many of our designs have a narrative, a history, and pay reference to past traditions that maintain a heritage that supports an industry.

Where possible we both source and collect the best ethically produced materials from around the British Isles to carefully craft our products. We are keen to support our local and national economy. All our products are designed and made on these shores that we call our home.

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