Sonicwerks is our collective name for Stephen Lee, Sarah Morehead and Colin Wilson. The works explore the imagery and soundscapes from our local Industrial Heritage


Magnesium is a site specific image and sound piece based on the legacy of the derelict industrial architecture of the Brit Mag site at Steetly Hartlepool. The images are of the large azure pools, the towers that held the catalytic chemicals, the revolving but now static paddles and the drying chimneys that helped create the desired sediment.... Magnesium. 


Train is a short that emulates the speed and sound of a breathing evolving busy city -  Manhattan Bridge in New York City


n 2010 Tata Steel had to mothball the Redcar Steel plant due to a downturn in orders. This short piece reflects the feelings and climate of the time and the sadness of the community.

In April 2012 with the commitment and tireless work of the late Union Leader Geoff Waterfield the plant reopened under new ownership SSI.

Subsequently the site at Redcar has yet again fallen to the vagaries of the International Steel Market and closed in 2016. We wish Port Talbot greater success in their negotiations in the coming months.

Some governments subsidise and support their heavy industries in times of lean. Great Britain chooses to let these industries drift in the 'Competitive' Market.

Souter Light House

The lenses at Souter lighthouse sit on a bed of mercury, with a touch of a finger these can be rotated with ease. This protector of lives stands proud on the headland projecting vibrant light through the heavy cut and formed glass. 

This short captures the mythical and ethereal quality of Souter's vibrant lenses. 

Steel Inspiration

In 2013, as a team, Wilson and Benn hoped to put together a community project where we could enter into a steel making plant to record the daily sounds of the machinery and workers to progress our documentation of North Eastern UK Industries. We view these huge plants as Industrial Cathedrals that encompass the working lives of towns that are heavily reliant on one or a few large industries. This was a short promo to evidence our proposal.

Iron and Steel are some of the most important materials for the building and fabrication of our modern world. The bringing together different iron ore, carbon and other specialist ingredients has been the industrial alchemy that has aided our advancement as a nation. To make steel on a large scale in these large buildings with such specialist workers is a process deserving of awe.

"There's a saying we use, 'We're all born with iron in our blood, and some of us get addicted to it', people are proud to call themselves a blast furnaceman, you're proud to be an iron maker." Dave Cocks